Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Handling your Hiring from Start to Finish

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RPO services enable you to hire higher-quality talent while you’re building your strong leadership team. From your comfort zone, you can even manage high-volume hires through RPO.

RPO solutions enables you to –

Reduce hiring risks

Cost effective process

Speed time to hire

Streamline recruiting process

Enhance employer brand and reputation


We are one of the leading providers of outsourced talent solutions, which broaden organizations options for finding right talent and acquiring the competitive edge companies seek. Our specialists tailor every solution to work effectively with your people and assist in managing your internal recruiting efforts. AcYuT RPO programs are led by a dedicated, single-point-of-contact program manager supported by skill full recruiters and coordinators. Our customizable end-to-end solutions include candidate identification and screening through interviewing and on boarding. We follow preferred hiring criteria, team up with you on best practice strategies, and act as an apparent extension of your company.

Our team of experts, who know your business needs, manages the programs day-to-day activity, which includes real-time status update, performance metrics, process improvement, and quality assurance. Whether you are looking for onsite or offsite, our RPO programs will be tailored to your needs and we ensure that every program has the full support of our regional offices making sure in finding the qualified people, where ever you need it.

In partnership with AcYuT, companies can expect:

  • Unique recruiting network
  • Engaging the right talent
  • Scalable customized solutions
  • Workforce insights and best practices